Planned Maintenance | Optimizing Reliability & Performance

Padgett Group customizes a Planned Maintenance program for you. The development of our program recommendations is based on your operational and financial objectives as well as facility type; hours of operation; equipment type, age and runtime; industry accepted standards; and manufacturers recommendations.



Our proactive Planned Maintenance programs are a series of scheduled services designed to maximize your facility’s operational performance and reliability; extend your equipment life; minimize unplanned downtime and lower your total annual cost of operations. Within each of our customized program we skill-level task and assign a team of qualified managers and technicians who become experts in your facility’s operational and maintenance requirements.

Our Planned Maintenance programs include a variation of service options or inclusions. From preventive and predictive maintenance to repair and replacement of failed or doubtful components, our service agreements are tailored to meet your unique requirements.  Our Full-Service programs provide for a predictable, no risk, fixed-price option for your annual repair and maintenance expenses.

An effective Planned Maintenance program can save as much as 60% of a building's annual maintenance, repair & energy costs.

— 2011 Building Efficiency Initiative

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

  • Improves workplace safety
  • Improves communication
  • Improves equipment performance
  • Establishes proactive use of resources
  • Establishes performance standards
  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Reduces overall maintenance expenses
  • Reduces overall repair expenses
  • Reduces overall energy expenses
  • Reduces overall capital expenses

On-Site Staffing Services

Padgett offers on-site staffing services for full-time HVAC technicians. Reduce costs associated with:

  • Wages, Bonuses & Fringe Benefits
  • Training, Licensing & Certifications
  • Uniforms, Tools, Equipment & Supplies
  • Cell Phones, Computers & Software Licensing
  • Vehicle, Gas, Insurance & Maintenance
  • Travel & Living Expenses