Our Company

Padgett Group is transforming the commercial HVAC service industry with defined solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. We transform data into actionable intelligence by combining detailed analytics with industry expertise.

As a private and locally-owned business, we’re personally invested in all we do. We believe this dynamic defines our culture and increases the value we bring to our customers. Our independence means we don’t have to worry about outside interests. We invest in growing our capabilities to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Most importantly, we truly offer an objective perspective with your best interest in mind.

We strive to create great outcomes for each of our clients by keeping their interests first – always. It means being committed to honesty, integrity, transparency and teamwork – the ideals of which our firm was founded on over 30 years ago and continue to make us a great organization to work with today.

This also makes Padgett an outstanding place to work. Recognized as one of the HVAC industry’s best companies, we attract and retain the industry’s best and brightest talent. Our team of professionals share common values, beliefs and interests in our client’s success. You can trust that everyone at Padgett is passionate about what we do and are committed to doing it well for you.

Padgett Group History

While a lot has changed in the 30+ years that Padgett Group has been serving the Atlanta area, some things will always stay the same. Our commitment to simply do what we say we’re going to do has been a company mantra, beginning with our founder, Tony Padgett, and continuing through today.  Every former owner of the company remains a partner to this day, dedicated to the customers, employees and vision that sets us apart in the marketplace.

1986. Padgett Group began as ‘HVAC Services’ with Tony Padgett as the founder.

1994. Tony changed the name to Padgett HVAC services. For the next two decades, Tony and his team, including his brother, Larry Padgett, and current Vice President and Partner, Bob Pratt, focused primarily on the repair and replacement of central plants.

2003. James Lee became the majority shareholder of the company (renamed Padgett Group) and expanded our services to include a strong focus on maintenance services. Bringing years of experience in the HVAC industry, James led Padgett Group to expanded partnerships throughout the state of Georgia.

2007. Padgett Group became one of the founding partners for Service Professional Group, an international training organization for commercial HVAC Contractors.

2013. Stephen O’Donnell, former CEO of the nationwide HVAC contractor known as Service Logic, purchased the majority shares of the company and continued the growth of our service and automation businesses. Stephen has also placed a strong emphasis on energy services and an innovative approach to customer communication, including the development of our custom Client Portal.

2017. Bob Pratt, 18-year Padgett Group veteran, joins the partnership alongside Stephen.