Facility Assessment | Lower Risk, Higher Returns

Our Facility Assessment provides you with a comprehensive analysis on the physical condition, operational status and energy efficiency of the systems at your property. We provide detailed recommendations regarding future issues including operational and financial risk and/or liability.


Our service programs begin with the Facility Assessment to provide you with a baseline analysis that includes; a detailed asset/equipment inventory, safety compliance inspection, operational performance and reliability assessment, and energy efficiency analysis. The Facility Assessment report is presented in a simple easy-to-read format that includes a single page assessment of each component of your system along with photos and a summary of our findings.

Our Facility Assessment transforms the traditional approach of thinking to evaluate the entire systems in a holistic manner.  Based on our findings we work with you to develop capital plans that are prioritized by operational risk, performance and financial return. We assist you in the development and implementation of a long-term program that is designed to improve your systems reliability while lowering your total costs.

Padgett Group’s Planned Maintenance Programs include a Facility Assessment Report, providing you with a baseline of system performance to measure future improvements.

Know Your Risk

The average100,000 square foot commercial building has up to $1.2 million dollars invested their HVAC systems. Of that, you have direct control over the performance and financial risk associated with roughly 75% of your investment.

Equipment Inspection Inclusions

  • Equipment Data
  • Age & Life Cycle Analysis
  • Safety Inspection
  • Operational Reliability Assessment
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis
  • Component Functional Inspection