Energy Services | Maximize Efficiency & Savings

We evaluate your current systems to establish a baseline of information for operational and financial performance, efficiency and risk. Then, we develop a customized and long-term comprehensive plan of services.


Padgett specializes in smart energy and building solutions that can dramatically reduce your energy consumption while helping you realize the benefits of a healthier and more sustainable working environment.

Collecting “Big Data” energy costs and consumption is easy; making sense of it can be an issue. We convert your buildings energy data into actionable information by benchmarking your energy performance, identifying low-cost/no-cost energy saving opportunities, evaluating equipment and technology upgrades, calculating returns on investment, and prioritizing selected measures.

Through our client portal you have on-line access to an easy-to-use energy tracking program that monitors your utility usage. From baseline consumption and expenses to your current data, you’re able compare and evaluate your utility data trends. Adjustment analytics incorporate weather data, utility rate adjustments and occupancy to normalize your information for evaluation and comparison.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

— Peter Drucker

Five Steps to Improved Efficiency

Padgett utilizes a five-step program to improving the energy efficiency in your building.

  1. Benchmark & Analysis
  2. Optimize Existing Systems
  3. Low Cost/No Cost Savings
  4. Capital Planning & Budgeting
  5. Measurement & Verification

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Measurable Impact

We help reduce the single largest operating expense in the average commercial building.

HVAC 61%
Lighting 10%
Computing 6%
Office Equipment 3%
Other 20%

Source: 2012 U.S. Energy Information Administration (