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Padgett Group is a single-source provider of all your service needs for the life of your building. We approach the task of improving and maintaining the performance and efficiency of your mechanical equipment as a process rather than an event.

No two buildings are alike. At Padgett, we apply a consultative approach to developing and implementing the long-term solutions that achieve the technical, operational and financial objectives of your building.

Our programmed approach has proven to lower the total long-term costs of our clients’ facilities. Our comprehensive service solutions include:

Building Assessment Services

Evaluating your current systems to establish a baseline of information for operational and financial performance, efficiency and risk. Used to develop a customized and long-term comprehensive plan of services.

Padgett Group begins with a detailed assessment of your property’s systems. This information is continuously reviewed and updated based on your specific operational and financial objectives. Activities include a condition assessment of your existing equipment, retro-commissioning recommendations, energy benchmarking and analysis as well as a long-term capital planning review.

Planned Maintenance Services

Extend the useful life of your equipment with Padgett Group’s customized preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Your equipment will operate more effectively, lowering capital replacement costs as well as reducing energy consumption and other operating expenses.

Padgett Group mitigates potential risks by proactively repairing and/or replacing doubtful parts and components before they have a negative impact on your operations.

We assign a dedicated team of professionals to each client account. Our teams of local experts develop, implement and deliver a quality of services that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

From skill-level tasking of your assigned technicians to account supervision, customer service, and energy engineers, we work as one team to deliver a program of long-term solutions.

Our planned maintenance services have proven to lower our clients’ costs while improving the operational reliability of their property’s systems.

Energy Services

The average building wastes as much as 30% - 50% of its total energy1. As the largest operating expense in a typical building, saving even 10% through low-cost, no-cost efficiency measures could make a large impact on your bottom line.

Padgett’s customized energy programs begin with a benchmarking analysis to compare utility rates and energy usage to similar buildings in your industry. Based on our initial assessment, we’ll then identify low-cost / no-cost energy-saving opportunities to maximize the efficiency of your existing systems.

Finally, we develop, prioritize and implement long-term capital plans for improvement to include system upgrades and equipment replacement focused on maximizing energy savings, operational reliability & ROI.

Have your building ENERGY STAR® rated.

1 Department of Energy

Building Automation Services

Creating 'Intelligent Buildings' that are smarter, more efficient, safer, use less energy, have lower operating costs, and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Manage your building 24/7, in real time. With an advanced building automation system, you will know the state of your building’s mechanical system at a click of a button, allowing you to detect problems that waste energy and impact the comfort of the people in those buildings.

In addition to climate and lighting, now you can monitor system performance and device failures, and provide malfunction alarms to building engineering or maintenance staff. Our solutions are designed from the ground up or based on current systems’ architecture, integrating devices and platforms to put the control in your hands.

Design-Build & Retrofit Services

Supporting your objectives related to energy sustainability, operational reliability and improvements, indoor air quality, system modifications and capital planning/budgeting.

As your building ages, your mechanical systems will need repaired, replaced or possibly modified to accommodate changes in your facility layout or operations. Padgett takes a consultative approach in helping you to prepare for these capital expenditures by providing you with a 1, 3, or 5-year capital plan to assist in your budgeting process.

By offering alternative recommendations based on operational considerations and your financial objectives, we’re able to best meet the specific needs of your company, from initial design through implementation and installation.

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