Everyday people across Georgia go to work with the common expectation of working in a safe, comfortable and productive environment. Padgett Group is helping real estate owners meet this commitment to maximize the effectiveness of each client organization.

From operating rooms to classrooms, data centers or office space, Padgett develops a fully customized and comprehensive program of services based on the unique requirements of each client organization. Developing long-term client relationships based on proven performance with measurable results has helped Padgett become the premier provider of service in the market.

Commercial Office

Minimize your operating expenses and capital requirements while continuing to provide a safe, comfortable and productive work environment for your employees and tenants.

With the responsibility of providing service to millions of square feet of space and hundreds of commercial office buildings in Georgia, Padgett has earned the long-term trust and confidence of an elite and loyal local customer base.

Our experience and expertise will help us to understand your unique needs and offer the right solutions. From due diligence and planned maintenance to equipment upgrades, capital financing and energy services, we can help you meet the operational and financial objectives for your building.

Industrial & Manufacturing

With a 24/7 rapid response team and a strategic plan for improving your system’s operational reliability and efficiency, Padgett can help your company gain and maintain your competitive advantage.

We understand what downtime can mean to your productivity, revenue and customers, so we work proactively to root out issues before they occur. We offer resources dedicated to manufacturing environments and partner with you to develop an approach that helps to create economies of scale and realize cost savings for your operations.

Padgett has been leading the way on industrial sustainability and energy efficiency for decades, helping to create successful tire plants, food-processing plants, high-speed printing plants, precision manufacturing facilities and more. In each case, we listen to our clients to determine what makes their operation unique, then customize a program that maximizes productivity, improves employee comfort, reduces production downtime, and treats the environment with care.

Mission Critical

When zero downtime is the requirement, Padgett Group has proven to be the reliable partner of organizations who mandate operational stability, reliability and performance.

Data centers, emergency response centers, and research & development laboratories are just a few examples of our most operationally sensitive customers.

Starting with a single point-of-failure assessment to reliable 24/7 monitoring, automated alarms and immediate emergency response, we have succeeded in minimizing system downtime and stabilizing environments for customers who’s operational and financial success depends on it.


Padgett Group is working with Georgia’s leading healthcare organizations to provide comprehensive services, documentation and long-term plans that comply with the Joint Commission’s requirements.

Padgett Group service capabilities align with your capital plans by providing an aggressive strategic improvement plan, while simultaneously lowering the total operational and administrative expenses and requirements.

Our state-of-the-art facility programs, 24/7 automated alarms and priority response for emergency situations allows your physicians and staff to focus on providing the world-class healthcare services to their patients.


Padgett Group understands the requirements for providing a safe, healthy and comfortable learning environment. By offering customized technical support and services we deliver long term financial and operational solutions.

From K-12 to public and private universities and colleges, Padgett Group has assisted educational institutions with long-term system improvement plans that have delivered a financial return on investments, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

We understand the financial limitations of the operating and capital budgeting process. We work to solve your facility’s long-term objectives to allow your administration and staff more time to focus on delivering a quality education to your students.


Financial institutions, technology companies, telecommunications facilities and healthcare establishments have unique requirements for infrastructure maintenance and operations. Padgett Group can provide your company with the fast response-time necessary to reduce downtime and minimize operating costs.

Padgett Group has a long history of providing multi-location mobile services. An example of this can be found in our very first customer, where we have maintained over 400 locations for more than 30 years.

Padgett has an established mobile field force with unique and innovative facility management technology. Real-time dispatching allows us to find the technician closest to each site as well as monitor and record facility and equipment details, to include historical data for an individual piece of equipment.

At the Padgett Group, we understand the changing needs of multi-location building owners.  Whether partnering or providing a single-source solution, Padgett is uniquely qualified to serve clients in the multi-location market.


Padgett Group is an experienced and approved GSA contractor. We work closely with many federal, state and municipal facilities to deliver an efficient, turnkey solution that realizes economies of scale and creates cost savings.

We pride ourselves on being a local single-source solutions provider. Our teams work to align with your processes to create effective solutions for all levels of government: from planning to implementation and ongoing service. Whether it’s retrofitting or replacing outdated equipment, or implementing energy efficiency programs to help fund those capital projects, we design comprehensive solutions within your budgeted requirements.

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